Ionic Services

The Ionic Services is a collection of powerful backend tools and services to help you build and scale your mobile apps quickly, and easily. Ionic Services embraces the fact that your app is built with web technologies in a way that mobile backend services do not. Each service is tightly integrated with the Ionic Framework, such that they will all Just Work. Here you can learn more about each Ionic Services service, what it’s capable of, and how to get started:


The Auth service makes it incredibly easy to authenticate your users with email/password, social services across major networks like Twitter and Facebook, and even existing auth systems. Head to the Auth docs to learn how to set up authentication in your app.

Ionic Auth has been deprecated. As of January 31, 2018, we will no longer provide the Ionic Auth user authentication service.


Ionic Deploy lets you update your apps on demand for any changes that do not require binary modifications, saving you days, or even weeks, of wait time - no need to re-submit your apps. You can roll back to previous versions, automatically apply updates, and control every aspect of the upgrade. Check out the docs to start using Deploy today.


Ionic Push lets you create targeted push notifications through a simple dashboard, that can be sent immediately, at a specific date, or when users match specific criteria. Push also offers a simple API to send push notifications from your own servers, and supports both iOS and Android devices. Read the Push docs to start sending notifications in your apps.


The Ionic Package service allows you to rapidly create development and production native builds of your app that can be submitted to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or be installed directly on your friends’, family members’, and colleagues’ devices. Head over to the Package docs to lean how to start compiling native apps in the fraction of the time.